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Bilet na ksiezyc (2013)

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Bilet na ksiezyc (2013)

Movie Details : Bilet na ksiezyc (2013)

“Year 1969. Fascinating in aviation Adam is termed to the military. However, a lot of to his own chagrin, she gets Associate in Nursing assignment to serve within the … Navy. With Antek, older brother, commence the ocean. throughout many days of traveling through European country to go to previous friends and build new friends.
A Polish road-movie that is warmly genial till a very ill-advised third-act detour, a technique price ticket to the Moon (Bilet Na ksiezyc) even so cements writer-director Jacek Bromski’s standing as a reliable provider of audience-friendly thought product. Winner of the simplest playscript award at Poland’s national festival in Gdynia, this homesick vision of 1969 are discharged reception on Gregorian calendar month. eight and may well click with older ticket-buyers. Elsewhere it may eke out transient theatrical runs in cities with vital Polish populations, before seguing to small-screen formats tributary to its strain of undemandingly capricious humor.
And whereas a 123-minute period feels excessive in terms of medium play, it isn’t exhausting to imagine the fabric being reconfigured into a two- or three-part TV mini-series, maybe as a prelude for enlargement into a serial. the 2 main characters — inexperienced stripling Adam Sikora (Filip Plawiak) and his slightly older, way more sophisticated brother Antoni (Mateusz Kosciukiewicz) — create agreeable protagonists as they explore the Communist-ruled country, chiefly via the railways, courtesy of Bromski’s episodic playscript.
Not long out of highschool, Adam has been referred to as up for military service and reluctantly makes his approach from his backwater home towards a military service base on Poland’s Baltic coast. he is among Antoni, United Nations agency in Last Detail vogue is decided to point out the nipper an honest time before he must slave to military discipline. much the libertine, Antoni is especially keen to assist Adam on the romantic front — life lessons paying off once the novice makes his unpunctual 1st carnal conquest.
This clinch happens to coincide with the live telecast of the Greek deity eleven moon landings — one tiny step for a person, and every one that — during a sequence that is much the film’s comic and emotional part. sadly this is often wherever Bromski loses management of his material, as Adam becomes unbelievably involved within the machinations of a violent small-town cop and takes forceful action to flee his difficult state of affairs. The tone shifts thus short and awkwardly that the half hour about virtually sounds like a completely totally different motion picture, the wry comedy of the sooner stretches abandoned for larkish and clumsily over-ambitious irony.
With a wobbly grasp of amount detail — lazy anachronisms abound, particularly within the background of exterior shots — Bromski, United Nations agency has headed the Polish directors’ union since the Nineteen Nineties and traversed similar parcel of land with 1992’s rather a lot of serious-minded 1968: Happy yr, depends heavily on a jukebox-style audio recording of late-sixties music punctuated by a delightful array of renditions of the title variety.
But the image stands or falls on the charm of the Sikora boys. As somebody remarks, Adam and Antoni do not extremely look alike – along with his nappy blond locks, Plawiak resembles a young Tom Hiddleston from sure angles, whereas Kosciukiewicz may be a brunet cross between engineer DiCaprio and Alden Ehrenreich. a technique price ticket to the Moon is given its energy and focus by the active and voluble Antoni — things tend to flag whenever he is absent from the screen, as is that the case throughout that misguided final reel. assertive however magnetic, Kosciukiewicz makes the foremost of this plum role, confirming his steady progress towards leading-man standing notwithstanding the film as a full proves a but sturdy vehicle for his skills.”

  • Director: Jacek Bromski
  • Writers: Jacek Bromski and Jacek Bromski
  • Stars: Filip Plawiak, Mateusz Kosciukiewicz and Bozena Adamek
  • Release Date: 7 February 2014 (USA)
  • Run Time:
  • Language: Polish
  • Filming Locations: Kazimierz Dolny, Lubelskie, Poland
  • Production Co: Studio Filmowe Zebra
  • Genres: Comedy Drama Romance
  • Country: Poland

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Bilet na ksiezyc (2013) Trailer HD

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