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Ouija (2014)

Movie Details : Ouija (2014) “Ah, let’s begin with the adults, shall we? initial, we tend to meet Brandon (Carson Underwood), a movie student from the big apple Film Academy. Next, we tend to square measure introduced to rig (Belmarie Huynh) and Calvin (Eric Window), the world’s most annoying couple. Lastly, we tend to see LyNette (Swisyzinna), Calvin’s sister, and Michael (Justin Armstrong), United Nations agency is that the genius United Nations agency wished to mess with the board within the initial place. Before they’ll even bit the board, though, Michael, United Nations agency is outwardly a Ouija board professional, announces the 3 rules for enjoying with a Ouija board Board: You should “never raise a spirit however it died.” You should “never raise a spirit however you’ll die.” And the most significant rule: “You … Read entire article »


Laggies (2014)

Movie Details : Laggies (2014) “The player Keira Knightley has 2 films at the Toronto International fete, showing each within the amount drama “The Imitation Game” with Benedict Cumberbatch, and stellar in “Laggies,” a Lynn Shelton comedy. during this video, she discusses the film a couple of missy at a crossroads, and also the friendly relationship she develops with a young person (Chloë Grace Moretz). For some strange (and unfair reason), the narrative of the young adult in abnormal condition appears to be a sub genre completely reserved for men (with the notable exception of mythical being Reitman’s reprehensively underrated Young Adult ). Lynn Shelton’s Laggies might not have the razor-sharp gelidity of Reitman’s film, however it’s … Read entire article »

Citizenfour (2014)

Movie Details : Citizenfour (2014) “Insightful and provocative, Laura Poitras’ primary account of the times preceding Edward Snowden’s explosive revelations is quietly big and powerful. Having herself become victim to the erosion of civil liberties below the nationalist Act, honour appointive director Laura Poitras commenced to form a documentary on the post 9/11 police work State. once Poitras began shooting in 2011, the planet had been introduced to Bradley Manning, Wikileaks and its contentious founder statesman Assange. simply 2 years later AN encrypted email from AN unknown supply would say to own access to AN new quantity of prime secret NSA documents. that includes never-before-seen footage of Edward Snowden within the chamber he took refuge in … Read entire article »

American Sniper (Američki Snajper 2014)

Movie Details : American Sniper (2014) “Harrowing clip shows Bradley Cooper as navy shooter Chris Kyle staring down the barrel of his rifle at a baby World Health Organization could also be a terrorist Clint Eastwood replaces filmmaker on yank sharpshooter the primary trailer for Clint Eastwood’s yank sharpshooter, star Bradley Cooper as a Navy SEAL dubbed the deadliest gunman in USA military history, has hit the online. The true-life drama, supported USA soldier Chris Kyle’s bestselling 2012 biography, additionally stars earth color Miller as Kyle’s better half, Taya Renae Kyle. The trailer includes a torturous clip from the film within which the sharpshooter should select whether or not to pip Associate in Nursing Iraqi lady and … Read entire article »

Big Hero 6 (2014)

Movie Details : Big Hero 6 (2014) “A computer-animated superhero film set in a very fictional city known as San Fransokyo. ‘ Hiro ‘ magic teens and Hamada automaton created his own ‘ Baymax ‘, exposing the criminal plot and may be incorporate with a team of seasoned crime fighter. Action-packed adventure-comedy a few wizard AI Hiro Hamada, UN agency learned to faucet into the genius’s sensible brother Tadashi and friends they minded: epinephrine junkie Go Go Tamago, neatnik Wasabi, Lemon and Honey chemistry whiz Fred fanboy. When a devastating flip of events the catapult them into the center of a dangerous plot evolution on the streets of San Fransokyo, Hiro turns into a close-by companion automaton Baymax … Read entire article »

Left Behind (2014)

Movie Details : Left Behind (2014) “Left Behind “tells the story of Rayford Sir Richrd Steele (Nicolas Cage) UN agency piloted business craft, and solely a couple of hours when the appointment of many individuals round the world disappear. Thirty thousand feet on top of the Atlantic, Rayford was round-faced with a broken craft, passengers worry, and desperate need to come back to his family. on the bottom, his female offspring, Chloe Sir Richrd Steele (Cassi Thomson) was among those left behind, forced to navigate the globe of madness once he was yearning for her mother and brother area unit lost. film is predicated on the big apple Times bestselling series of books with names equally, … Read entire article »

Men, Women & Children (2014)

Movie Details : Men, Women & Children (2014) “It’s comforting to look at the net as a force. Things existed a technique, the net came on, utterly modified everything, and now—for higher or worse—those things area unit barely recognizable. We’re all trying down, clacking into our good phones, that the net should have reworked North American nation, right? It’s with great care powerful, and that we were caught in its wake. Current communication technology has modified North American nation, however mythical being Reitman’s Men, ladies & kids wryly, wisely, and shrewdly observes our fears and insecurities long preceded our smartphones. The film may be a sharp statement on the decay of … Read entire article »

The Good Lie (2014)

Movie Details : The Good Lie (2014) “The Good Lie” is one in every of those cases wherever the poster extremely will say it all: Reese Witherspoon’s giant head, trying down benevolently on 3 anonymous Sudanese boys, relatively scaled to the dimensions of ants. It’s sort of a reasonably parody of the moot Italian “12 Years A Slave” posters from last year, a dishonest if unsurprising promoting manoeuvre – educator is actually the largest name is that this film, however she has one the tiniest elements, initial showing forty minutes into the story. The real stars of the film, written by “Boardwalk Empire” scribe Margaret Nagle and helmed by Canadian director Philippe Falardeau, ar first-time … Read entire article »

Annabelle (2014)

Movie Details : Annabelle (2014) “All the horror picture lovers square measure progressing to get an excellent news as Annabelle (2014) the foremost provocative horror picture ever that is galvanized from a true account and it’s on the point of unleash on third of Oct 2014. scan the wiki of the film Annabelle [2014] before visiting the theatre. Here is that the official trailer of the film that has the flexibility to prove however powerful the impact of the picture is. Famous Hollywood horror film producer and camera operator John R. Leonetti is back with another nerve chilling horror story once The magic. The story of Annabelle (2014) is a few couple Mia and Rebel Gordon. thereforeldier} gifts … Read entire article »

Gone Girl (2014)

Movie Details : Gone Girl (2014) “A lady vanishes and is before long probable dead, however it’s her wedding that lands up on the autopsy table in “Gone woman,” David Fincher’s labyrinthine and richly satisfying adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s 2012 novel. Surgically precise, grimly funny and fully mesmeric over the course of its swift 149-minute period of time, this taut however expansive psychological heroic tale represents associate degree exceptional pairing of film maker and material, absolutely expressing Fincher’s pessimism regarding the data age and his permanent fascination with the phobia and violence lurking to a lower place the surfaces of up to date yank life. Graced with a mordant wit as dry and chilled … Read entire article »

Into the Storm (Black Sky 2014)

Movie Details : Into the Storm (Black Sky 2014) “In The Storm, that antecedently used production title Black Sky, may be a 2014 yank adventure-thriller approaching motion-picture show directed by Steven Quale that, written by John Swetnam, and leading Richard Armitage. This motion-picture show unharness eight August 2014 In the span of one day, the city of Silverton is ravaged by associate degree unprecedented onslaught of tornadoes. the whole city is at the mercy of the erratic and deadly cyclones, whilst storm trackers predict the worst is nevertheless to return. the majority obtain shelter, whereas others run towards the vortex, testing however so much a storm chaser can select that once-in-a-lifetime shot. Told through the eyes and … Read entire article »

What If (V) (2013)

Movie Details : What If (V) (2013) “CBS Films has discharged the primary What If trailer for director Michael Dowse‘s (Goon) romantic comedy. Daniel Radcliffe plays a MEd college dropout WHO strikes up a friendly relationship with associate animator (Zoe Kazan). they begin to surprise if the chemistry between them outweighs her relationship along with her old young man (Rafe Spall). Adam Driver, WHO plays Radcliffe’s character’s friend within the image, fully steals the primary few seconds of this trailer, however there’s lots to travel around within the 3 minutes that follow. whereas I perceive it’s tough to tell audiences regarding your film and set yourself apart within the world of rom-coms, this 1st … Read entire article »